How I knew he was the one

My husband Cole made me feel things I had never felt before. When I was in his presence I would feel inexplicably safe. When he would hug me I felt like I was untouchable and his arms were impenetrable from the outside world. I had 100% complete trust in him. He became my security blanket. No matter where I was or what I did if cole was there I had not a worry in the world. He was able to give me complete assurance and calm me down with a single glance.

He also gave me the strongest sensation of peace that I have ever felt. His eyes made me forget all my problems or that I even had any. When I would feel his breath on my face as he talked to me I would get the warmest sensation throughout my body and the whole world would become nonexistent. Where ever we were no matter the situation he was able to bring me peace because if he was there I felt at home. Cole had become my home.

Cole even gave me the strongest sexual awakening I had ever experienced. He lit a fire in me with a single touch, look, or whisper. He’s skin tickled mine every time we where in close proximity. When he would hold my hand I could swear I felt electricity running up my arms. When he would kiss me I could feel and hear my heart pulsating with every single beat getting louder, faster, and harder. When he whispered in my ear I felt an uncontrollable passion run throughout my whole body almost as if I was going to explode into a million tiny pieces with a single word. I had never wanted anyone as much as I wanted him. I craved him like an addiction and wanted him like no man has ever desired another. A passion in me that I have never felt came alive in me when I met cole.

He was also undeniable romantic, thoughtful, loving, and selfless. Cole would try to learn as much about me as possible to set the perfect dates. He always asked how I was feeling, or what I needed. He never judged or ignored an issue. He would have quality conversations with me, ask me genuine questions, and give me authentic responses. He made me feel important like I was the only person in the room with him every time we talked. He would go out of his way to make me comfortable even if it meant he had to be uncomfortable. He never complained about anything and always tried to see things from my point of view and I his. He also never had any expectations and appreciated the smallest things. He was an open book, an honest man, and a loyal partner. He would sacrifice everything to give me the world.

Cole was a true gentleman. He would open every door and slide every chair for me. He never cursed in front of me or talked ill of anyone. He would always wait for me to eat first. He would never refer to me as anything other then “Gorgeous.” He always paid for every meal, knocked at my door to get me and walked me back to my door to make sure I was safe. He never judged me, pressured me, or made me uncomfortable in any way. All he cared about was my happiness and I his.

Cole is a hard worker, great provider, my safe place, my passion, my love, my everything. I had seen all these qualities and more in him then I had ever seen in anyone else before. He was the kindest and most caring man I had ever had the honor of meeting. These are the reasons I fell in love with him and these are the reasons I still am and always will be! I always thought love was just a fairytale until I met him. Cole truly is my soulmate and I never knew how empty I was until I met him, because once I met him I instantly felt whole. I was my true self with him.