That time I was mistaken as an escort

Yes, you seen that right. I was once mistaken as an escort. I was getting ready to go on a date with my love. Unfortunately, something work related came up forcing my love to met up with me later. Although, Since I was already all dressed up I thought I would still go out to eat all by myself…so I did. I was wearing a black skin tight mini dress, black strappy high heels, with a pink cardigan. I had long curls with a beautiful glowy makeup look with long thick eyelashes. I went all out for what was supposed to be my date night.

I was sitting at a booth in a fancy steak restaurant when an older man around the age of sixty years old asked if he can have a seat at my booth. I said “yes,” out of curiosity. Now keep in mind that Im a twenty four year old that look like a nineteen year old. This older man who called himself Mack was a perfect gentleman. Mack was very kind, respectful, and had a southern accent. We had a friendly conversation. No flirting. No talk of anything inappropriate. We talked about the most innocent and random things as we ate then once we had finished our meals Mack thanked me for my time and left an envelope on his seat.

He walked out of the restaurant and to my surprise he paid for both our bills. I leaned over to get the envelope he left on his seat so I can run out and hand it to him. When I picked up the envelope it felt thick. On the front of the envelope it said “To: The beautiful lady” on it. I opened it as I sat there waiting for my fiancé to pick me up so we can start our date night. Inside the envelope was $500 and a business card with a note on the back saying “I had a great time. You were more beautiful then I expected. I would love to continue this else where if you are interested.  I will compensate you for time.”

I was shocked that this man thought I was an escort. He never made any remarks or suggested anything that would have given me any clue as to what this man thought was going on. I walked out to my finances truck once he arrived to pick me up and showed him the envelop and told him what happened. We couldn’t stop laughing. We were so excited to have $500 that we decided to spend four nights in Vegas and have the trip we otherwise could not have afforded.