Why I don’t wear bras

Ive read a lot of benefits about why women should wear bras. Ill admit I didn’t stop wearing bras because of the claimed benefits. It was more of a comfort thing. Its been 3 years since I’ve worn a bra and this is what I noticed.

Since I’ve stopped wearing bras my breast have gotten fuller, thicker, and bigger. I’ve gone from a size 34A to a size 34C. My breast have also changed their shape. They went from a sort of coned shape to a rounder, more proportional even sized breast. They also got a lot perkier. I used to have to rely on pushup bras to get them to stay high up but now they just stay up there and always look like I’m wearing a push up bra. They’ve learned to support themselves. My breast are softer, more sensitive, and my chest is clearer (acne free). Since I’ve ditched the bra I’ve seen nothing but benefits!

I also learned self confidence. I used to be shy about my nipples. Now I’m as confident as ever. I feel naturally beautiful, have no body image issues regarding my breast, and no longer see a part of my body as shameful or something to be hidden. Im proud of my breasts and highly recommend going bra free!