I got robbed yesterday

Yesterday I was robbed. I have never felt so violated. I don’t understand how some people can have such little regard for another human beings life. They took my sense of security and my stuff.

So yesterday I was riding bikes with my lovely husband when someone followed us home. This man quickly pulled his car around with his truck already opened and took our brand new bikes that my husband had bought us that same morning. This man was not scared he seemed like a professional thief and carried a weapon. he then tried to come into our home which was locked. once he seen other people come outside he ran into his car and took off. He parked in a way where we didn’t get his license plate and we never seen his face and the neighbors didn’t see anything either.

We called the police and they didn’t even care. To them it was just a stolen bike. This man  followed us home. He knows were we live. He tried to enter our residence and the police just acted like it was nothing more then a bike…no big deal. They had nothing to go on so he most likely wouldn’t be caught. They didn’t seem to care and acted a little annoyed that it was only a bike that got taken. They seemed like they were expecting more “action.” How could people so carless to others!? Has anything ever happened to you like this and what did you do?


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