How I over come body shame

There are a few different strategies that I used to help me overcome the self hatred I had for my own body. I call this one the “Mirror Method”. It only takes about 5 minutes so its quick. Lets get started.

1.Every morning or night look at your self in the mirror completely naked. If your to insecure then you can leave your clothes on, but try to work up to the point where you can be comfortable naked.

2.Give yourself a compliment every morning before you leave the house. It can be that you like the color of your hair, or the way your pants fits you. It can be literally anything just give yourself a compliment.

3. Every night when you undress look at your self in the mirror and try to find something you love about yourself. Instead of looking for flaws or at the flaws you think you already have.  Only look at what you do like and try to find something new that you like about yourself everyday.

For example: I don’t like my stomach so I ignored my stomach area when I first started and focused every where else until I was more comfortable with myself. I  loved how big my eyes were, how soft my skin was, and how firm and perky my breast were. I focused on those things everyday until I can find a new thing to like about myself.

Do this everyday. You will feel more comfortable with yourself. Love things about yourself you may not have noticed before. Be less focused on flaws. Be confident. Most importantly you’ll be happier with yourself.