Hello & Welcome!

My name is Valerie and I’m the author of “The Art of Love and Sexuality.” Im not a teacher nor a guru just a simple gal sharing my experiences. I used to have a deep feeling within as if I was waiting for something like an answer…but what!? I had no idea. All I knew was that I was craving more from life, relationships, and myself. Now, I’m dedicated to self growth and helping others on their journey in life.

Once I decided to live life for myself and not according to the expectations my friends, family, and society I learned to be happy. I no longer craved more out of life. If you want to grow with me and learn from my mistakes, misfortunes, and lucky outcomes then follow me. Lets expand our minds and get rid of these stigmas and taboos on sex, love, relationships, and self growth. Lets break the boundaries and start living and thinking for ourselves!