How I over come body shame

There are a few different strategies that I used to help me overcome the self hatred I had for my own body. I call this one the “Mirror Method”. It only takes about 5 minutes so its quick. Lets get started.

1.Every morning or night look at your self in the mirror completely naked. If your to insecure then you can leave your clothes on, but try to work up to the point where you can be comfortable naked.

2.Give yourself a compliment every morning before you leave the house. It can be that you like the color of your hair, or the way your pants fits you. It can be literally anything just give yourself a compliment.

3. Every night when you undress look at your self in the mirror and try to find something you love about yourself. Instead of looking for flaws or at the flaws you think you already have.  Only look at what you do like and try to find something new that you like about yourself everyday.

For example: I don’t like my stomach so I ignored my stomach area when I first started and focused every where else until I was more comfortable with myself. I  loved how big my eyes were, how soft my skin was, and how firm and perky my breast were. I focused on those things everyday until I can find a new thing to like about myself.

Do this everyday. You will feel more comfortable with yourself. Love things about yourself you may not have noticed before. Be less focused on flaws. Be confident. Most importantly you’ll be happier with yourself.


I got robbed yesterday

Yesterday I was robbed. I have never felt so violated. I don’t understand how some people can have such little regard for another human beings life. They took my sense of security and my stuff.

So yesterday I was riding bikes with my lovely husband when someone followed us home. This man quickly pulled his car around with his truck already opened and took our brand new bikes that my husband had bought us that same morning. This man was not scared he seemed like a professional thief and carried a weapon. he then tried to come into our home which was locked. once he seen other people come outside he ran into his car and took off. He parked in a way where we didn’t get his license plate and we never seen his face and the neighbors didn’t see anything either.

We called the police and they didn’t even care. To them it was just a stolen bike. This man  followed us home. He knows were we live. He tried to enter our residence and the police just acted like it was nothing more then a bike…no big deal. They had nothing to go on so he most likely wouldn’t be caught. They didn’t seem to care and acted a little annoyed that it was only a bike that got taken. They seemed like they were expecting more “action.” How could people so carless to others!? Has anything ever happened to you like this and what did you do?

How I became a Bud Light model

When I was 23 years old I was walking around at a place called “Toms Farm” in Southern California. A lady walked up to me and randomly says “your very pretty. I like your body. I got a job for you if want. Its $25 – $30 and hour. You can travel, meet new people, and get free stuff. so what do you think” Immediately red flags started going off in my head I thought this is a scam!

She was persistent and kept talking not giving me the chance to tell her to leave me alone. She’s sounded like she was selling a pitch to me. She didn’t in anyway look or sound professional. she had a mini dress on with tattoos all over her body and she talked talked like a sailor.

Finally when she took a break I told her I had a job already thinking she would just walk away. She then says “Its ok the position is mostly weekends only and you can turn down the assignments that don’t fit in your schedule. We let models trade events with each other unless that specific person was requested.” I started laughing and said “wait, this is a modeling gig.”

I thought SCAM SCAM SCAM its probably for a web cam girl, escort, or something sketchy. She says “yes, I’m sorry did I not say thought I work for anhauser bush the beer company. You would be modeling for Budweiser, bud light, shock top….etc”

I told her to give me her number and that I would think about it so she can leave me alone. She pulls out her phone and asks for my number so she can text it to me. I gave her my number thinking ill just block her number after I walk away no big deal. She thanked me and before walking away gave me her business card and told me to email her some pictures of me in a tight outfit that shows my body and to look “full glam” in the photos. She then apologized for her appearance and said it was her day off but that she liked my look and couldn’t help herself. Then she walked away.

I went home and looked up her name, website, and did a reverse phone number look up on her work number. It seems authentic enough so I emailed her the pictures she had asked for and texted her that I was interested. She asked me to come into the office to set up my profile. I went to the address and low and behold it was the Pomona Budweiser warehouse. I walked in and meet her my booking agent, my bud light representative, and the sales person of Budweiser. She took photos of me, ask me do poses, taught me about the brand and made me memorize all their beers they offered. She even had me go over the dos and fonts off greeting customers and handling difficult situations. then she gave memo schedule and I signed my modeling contract and started working the next day.